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Let us again pretend that life is a solid substance, shaped like a globe, which we turn about in our fingers. Let us pretend that we can make out a plain and logical story, so that when one matter is despatched—love for instance—we go on, in an orderly manner, to the next.

— Virginia Woolf, The Waves

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© George S. Zimbel, 1958, Going to class, MIT
“Schools train you to be ignorant with style […] they prepare you to be a usable victim for a military industrial complex that needs manpower. As long as you’re just smart enough to do a job and just dumb enough to swallow what they feed you, you’re going to be alright […] So I believe that schools mechanically and very specifically try and breed out any hint of creative thought in the kids that are coming up.”  ― Frank Zappa

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I was the shyest human ever invented, but I had a lion inside me that wouldn’t shut up.

— Ingrid Bergman

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